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NaNoWriMo Preparations Have Begun

Hello all. Welcome to NaNoWriMo Preparations… Last year I stumbled upon Arwen’s 33 Days to Finish Your Novel. I wanted to try something different and outlining my novel via Tarot and the Hero’s Journey sounded interesting, creative, and fun. I watched a couple of her videos, read her information about the course, and signed up. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my writing.

Thanks to Arwen, I outlined my novel Witchy Business for NaNoWriMo last year, and I went on to outline yet another novel, both of those are works-in-progress. And now it’s time to prepare for this year’s novel. Out came my notebook with everything from Arwen’s course, along with Corrine Kenner’s book Tarot for Writer’s, two or three of my tarot decks, a notebook, my writer’s bullet journal, and my Writer’s Bible, pens and highlighters, colored index cards. And what do you know… I’m ready. Oh, and the coffee–that’s a must.

And away I go with the start of my outline. I’ve been busy the past two days. I have gotten my supplies together, started my character sketch, started the first part of my outline. Tomorrow I start working on my MC’s GMC (goal, motivation, conflict). After that it’s the Antagonist and his GMC.  First index card with tarot card (a copy of it) is pinned on my tri-fold board–my storyboard no longer looks like a blank canvas.

I feel like I accomplished something today, even though it took me friggin’ forever to get the second part of my NaNoWriMo Prep Pt 2/Beginning of my Outline edited. Grrrr! I really need to figure out the editing software that I purchased so I can quit using Movie Maker. That, or I need to win the lottery so I can afford an iMac. 😀

I’m really excited. My outlining is going well so far. 😀


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Writer Wednesday | Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp nano 2016Slowly but surely I am getting things in my life organized, part of that includes my new writer bullet journal and preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m using tarot and the hero/heroine’s journey to loosely outline my novel–the same one I started back in November for NaNoWriMo. Since November I’ve changed the first 3-4 chapters completely–I wasn’t starting at the right place. Since November, I’ve been using the 12 week self-guided course from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” to help me with my creativity and living a creative life. And, since November I’ve become much more organized.

My First 2 Bullet Journals

My First 2 Bullet Journals

Part of how I’ve become more organized was to stop trying to use pre-made planners, they just don’t work for me, and to instead roll with a system that seems as if it were made for people who are To-Do List’ers–the bullet journal system. I started bullet journaling, and then realized that for me personally, I needed something more along the lines of an omni-journal (so I could throw in my sketch-your-day/illustrate-your-life/Hobonichi style journaling in there), but I needed something separate for my writing. I have a writer’s bible, I use it to put all of my writing stuff in: an insert for the actual novel, which I use when I handwrite my novel, and an insert for what I call my writer journal, where I talk about how my writing went, how much I wrote, what I thought about it, any shiny new ideas…

Planning a novel has been quite a bit of a journey for me–a few years worth of trying to find what works for me. I’ve tried various things (Save the Cat, the Marshall Plan, the Snowflake Method, Janice Hardy’s method for Plotting your Novel, etc) and what has worked the best for me is using Tarot cards and the Hero’s Journey, which I learned from taking Arwen Lynch’s eCourse. I have a playlist on YT where I went through the course:

I had a ton of fun. And am continuing to use it so I can revamp the novel I wrote in November, except now I have a Leuchtturm 1917 Master Notebook to use as my “Writing/Writer” Bullet Journal. I needed more space than the A5 allowed for my planning. And since the journal isn’t leaving my home, except on rare occasion, I knew I’d be fine with the large size of the Master Leuchtturm. (And it is a whopper: over 200 pages of what looks like vanilla colored paper that is perfect for writing (not so much for art journaling though) and it has an Index–a win in my book.)

Now I just need to finish my storyboard, which means making copies of the tarot cards that I pulled for my outline and putting them on the storyboard; cleaning my desk off, and finishing the last bit of my outline. 😀

So here are some pictures of what I’m working on in my bullet journal for writing:

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Using the Tarot for Writing

Write Faster with TarotIn 2014, I purchased an ebook called “WRITE FASTER With Tarot: Structuring Plots” by Diana Castle. I read it, tried it with the Enchanted Deck of Tarot cards I have by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (I’ve had that deck since 1990, y’all). The ebook wasn’t expensive, and it was worth the read, but it really didn’t have enough information for me, and as a pantser I really didn’t want to structure my novel, what I really wanted was to use the tarot to inspire me, help feed my creative muse, and for the characters.

Then, in September of 2015 I saw a video by Arwen Lynch on YT about her ecourse for using Tarot and the Hero’s Journey to write your novel in 30 days. I debated over it for a bit, and then decided I’d try it. The ecourse is $33, or at least it was when I took it, and well worth that price and more….My only wish was that she’d done a few more videos about it. (HINT< HINT if you happen to be reading this Arwen, lol!). eCourseTitleGraphicWebPageOnly

I began my journey in October, planning my novel for NaNoWriMo, and had a blast. I made videos on YT, I had a journal specifically for my ideas and my journey through the course, and I made a binder to put copies of the emails I printed out. I even kept up with all of it. (Insert pat on the back here because sometimes I lose focus, get distracted, and don’t always follow through with some projects.) Read the rest of this entry »


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The Wanderer

The Fool/Wanderer: The Hobbit Tarot Deck

The Fool/Wanderer: The Hobbit Tarot Deck

The Daily Prompt:The Wanderer: Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

I thought of the tarot card immediately and decided to write about this instead…I’m always up for visiting new places, and my dream places are a variety of places: Narnia, Scotland, Gilead, Ireland, Derry, the Shire…

The Wanderer, also known as the Fool or the Initiate, and I’m sure there are several other names for him/her. He/she  symbolizes  you, the soul or person, who embarks upon the journey of life.

In the beginning, we are starting at ground Zero=0.

We are nowhere, nothing…and we have infinite potential.  We trust others, we don’t know any better. We are niave and we feel brimming with the possibilities. We are at the begining of our journey of life and anything is possible.

The Wanderer/Fool is naive enough to beleve he/she can fly, follow his/her dreams, trust others and his/herself, and pursue said dreams to the point of wandering off on the journey of life.

I have been the fool, the wanderer. Still am in some ways. I think the journey of life is a constant thing, a work in progress. A bit like Ka’s Wheel (yes, that’s a Stephen King, Dark Tower/Gunslinger/Roland of Gilead reference).

The Wanderer, if smart, allows his/herself to experience new things, embrace the unknown, not care about what others think but reserves judgement of others at the same time.

I often feel like the Wanderer, like my journey in life is a constant work in progress, and though I’m not starting at Ground Zero I often feel a bit like I’m starting anew, or going back around the game board again…

Traditional Meaning: The Fool is full of optimism, hope and the freedom to explore without any preconceived ideas or notions. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, a new adventure to be approached with excitement and childlike wonder however it is also a reminder that when embarking on a new adventure to look before you leap, take care where you step and watch for the hidden dangers.
Meaning from the book: You have come to a junction or turning point in your life. It may be an unconscious state in which you feel the tide has already turned or sense something is going to happen. In a way it already has. Your spirit must now move on and the desire to leap into the unknown beckons. This may mean leaving behind or giving up some baggage or burden that you have carried with you from the past. Now is the time to be clear and not let fear of falling or sad disillusion with the universe hold you back. Let your imagination carry you into a new set of possibilities. It is a time to travel hopefully and open your arms to new and challenging aspects of the universe.
My Interpretation: I think if you open yourself up to new experiences and new challenges, to the unknown, keeping an open mind, then the truth will reveal itself. There aren’t any certainties in life, but if you move forward with excitement, enthusiasm, and an open heart and mind, yet be cautious of the path you take, of the turns and stops, the journey will at the least be filled with adventure and fun, you’ll learn much along the way, but being open to all that you learn allows you to experience things you wouldn’t have otherwise, and yet being cautious will help you learn from mistakes and maybe help prevent mistakes.
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Outlining, NaNoWriMo Preparations, and Life

I signed up for Arwen Lynch’s 33 Days to Finishing your Novel, best $33 I’ve spent. She uses the hero’s journey and tarot cards to help you get through the outlining process. So far I’m having a blast with it. I’ve changed up the labels on my corkboard in Scrivener to accomodate the changes since I’m now using the Hero’s Journey. I’m also reading Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, and Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Not sure I’ll finish both books this month, but I’m giving it a good try.

The Writer's Life

The Writer’s Life

I’ve also invested in a Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Ink, which came with two Noodler’s fountain pens. After some adjustments (heating method) to one of the pens they are both working beautifully now. I love fountain pens and Tomoe Paper. I love journals. I love handwriting some of my novel–it really helps me get into the zone. And I also love personal journaling. I keep a writer’s journal, a personal journal, and an art journal–thank goodness for my Jonelifish TN’s (Traveler’s Notebooks), which house my Moleskin, SevenSeas, and Fabriano notebooks/inserts. I’m also a big fan of my custom handmade cloth Snoopy is Writing Journal cover and pen case.


I’m taking the fountain pen journey slow, as a friend of mine who is also a writer and a fountain pen lover suggested. The idea of spending a $100 or more on a pen seems ludicras to me but they sure are pretty–I’ll stick with my Platinum Preppy’s and my Noodler’s fountain pens for now.

Now about the outlining… I just can’t say enough positive things about Arwen’s eCourse. I’m a fan of creativity, and have tried outlining with the book The Storyteller’s Tarot by Linda Perfect, and though it’s a good book it’s just didn’t light the spark of creativity the way that Arwen’s course has done. So I’m thinking it’s the combination of the hero’s journey, which we as most know is the basis of how most Disney movie’s are outlined, as well as other movies like Star Wars, Jaws, The Whizard of Oz–you can also find the hero’s journey in mythology. It’s something we’ve grown up. The Hero and all the things he has to go through in order to fight the good fight, win the war, get the girl/guy, save the day, etc.

I’ve been so into this course that while I was outlining the first chapter and the scenes I got into the “outlining zone” and completely forget I was supposed to meet some writer friends in the #writestuff tweet chat Tuesday night at 9PM and didn’t remember until 9:38PM so I missed most of the chat about endings. Me–Miss Loose Outlininer, Miss mostly a Pantser got into the “outlining zone.”

Needless to say, I’m pumped about this upcoming NaNoWriMo, my outlining, and I’ve even started walking 1 mile every day again so I can get in better shape, lose weight, and to keep my creative juices flowing and my muse happy. I think about my book while I walk most days, so it really helps me work things out in my head.

One month to go and it’s NaNoWriMo time!!!

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