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I walked in circles tonight–

From room to room,

Searching aimlessly

For what I am not sure.

A sound, any sound–

Familiar sounds of home,

Of you, of our children,

Our grandchild–

The touches of humanity

That reside in our home

Are gone when you are gone.

The heater ruffles the calm

Silence of the night, disturbing

My solitude, leaving me looking

From my desk, my writing–

I walk from room to room

To occupy my thoughts.


Morning has come, coffee

In hand, perched at my desk

While laundry spins in the washer,

And scenes spin in my head–

My coffee tastes better, the silence

Is calming, my character is alive and well–

You’ll be home this afternoon, I smile,

My solitude is now refreshing

As I wait for you to call. Have I

Become one of those people?

Those people who hate being alone?

No, I hiss. I’m just lonely for you,

Missing you. I make my way to the kitchen,

Transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer,

The basket to the washer, add bleach–

Mundane chores help keep me sane.

Pour myself another  cup of coffee; meanwhile,

The antagonist in my book is trying to find ways

To create chaos, so I use my feelings of sadness,

Loneliness, and the ache inside over your absence

And create what will eventually be the perfect scene–

My main character walks away from her cage, into

The light and later will find love,

After a much needed solitude.


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