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Gift Ideas for the Writer/Reader in your Life

For the past week, I’ve been seeing videos, blog posts, messages, pictures about gifts for the Writer/Reader in your life, or for yourself. I will often use money that I receive as a gift to purchase something writerly or readerly related.

If you looked at my Amazon wishlist or my wishlist you’d see something like this:

  • A writing shed
  • New bookshelves
  • A cleaning fairy
  • New camera
  • New webcam
  • New computer
  • All the books (too many to list)
  • Blueray player
  • Antique typewriter
  • Professional Massage (along with at least 10 visits to the Chiropractor)
  • Journals
  • One of those branch/tree type coffee mug holders
  • New large coffee mug (preferably writing or reading related)
  • A writer/coffee related hoodie sweatshirt (maybe both)
  • My new glasses (which we should be getting on the 20th, but will take about 10 days to get)

I realize that the Blueray player doesn’t seem writer related, but if you’ve noticed when you’re watching Netflix the descriptions are great examples of loglines, and watching movies is a great way to learn 3 act structure. And the cleaning fairy is needed because I’d have more time to write and read if she’d just come back and do her job so I don’t have to.

I could show you pictures of things like these adorable panties,

Picture from Cafe Press

Picture from Cafe Press

or have links to those cute-ass panties, which will take you to “writer gift ideas” at CafePress, or give you links to the Writer’s Toolbox or the “Write Like a Motherfu@$er” mug. If you’re unsure about gifts, a gift card to places like Etsy, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, the book depository, or thriftbooks(.com), Amazon, or Starbucks are always a great idea–some people feel like that’s the easy way out or that it’s not original, but I’d love it if someone gave me a gift card to any of those places. Or maybe a literary candle. If you type in Reader Gifts or Writer gifts in uncommongoods search box you’ll find a lot of wonderful gifts for the writer/reader in your life.

Literary Candles from

Literary Candles from

I’d also love a set of noise canceling headphones (preferably with a mic), or a new thumb drive, or a new memory card, or any of those techy type things, especially the things I’d have to research to figure out which one was the best one for a decent price. I’m not tech suavy.

If you’re unsure then try these links for ideas: Pinterest, or Pinterest.

To be honest though, most of the time I get myself these types of things, with the exception of things like a camera, my glasses, a Blueray player, etc…with money that people give me for a gift or with gift cards I’ve received, or I save up, or reward myself when I accomplish a goal.



For NaNoWriMo this year I got myself a matching T-shirt and mug from CafePress. I love them. Several people have asked me about the T-shirt when I’ve worn it in YT videos.typewriter_writer_large_mug

I’m one of those sentimental givers. I look and look, online and in person, for gifts that scream “Yeah, that’s perfect for _____.” I’ve been searching for the perfect gift for daughter and grandson, but haven’t found either gift yet… I’ll keep searching. My daughter is a reader, so I’ve at least got some ideas now.


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