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Why, Thank you?

Daily Prompt: What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?

Backhanded compliments come in all shapes and sizes, but for me most of the ones I get have to do with my hair. My hair is extremely curly. People have often asked me “Why don’t you wear your hair straight?” Like I can change my hair like people change their shirts. It’s not quite that easy to make my curly hair straight, but I do use a flat iron and straighten it sometimes. The backhanded compliments still come: “WOW! Your hair looks so good this way…you look ten years younger…I love your hair, why don’t you wear it like this all the time?…

33728_164360163588506_3594015_n 134028_502911826400003_559887082_o 219814_215153881842467_7722394_o 219880_216966001661255_5081004_o 271219_234689496555572_1142277_o IMG_0248


Truth is, it took me a long time to figure out what to do with my unruly mane of curls. Years of trying to have straight hair like everyone else back in the 80s when big hair was the thing, if only I’d known back then what I know now, I’d have been rocking my mane. Instead I was trying to wear hairstyles that were simply not going to work for someone with thick, curly hair.

I am the one on the right with the striped white shirt, fuzzy curly short hair, and dark blue shorts with my elbow bent…

pic with granddaddy in lamar

I am the one with the dark curly hair in the purple shirt… See all the other ones with blond hair… those are my cousins.,,

me with fuschia hair

Me with fuchsia hair…

me with short red hair

Me with short red highlighted hair

long dark curly hair

long dark curly hair…

me with curls and hat

I love hats…

People who have straight hair want curly hair, people who have curly hair want straight hair, people with thick hair wish it was at least a little thinner, people with thin hair wish it was thicker…Truthfully, I’ve had people tell me my curls are beautiful and not to straighten my hair, and there are those who think the opposite. All of the pictures above were taken over the past 4 years.  And just so we know what my hair looks like currently here are a few pics… I’ve quit coloring my hair… Letting the white streak grow uut… I’m tired of coloring my hair, besides my husband thinks the white streak is sexy…

IMG_2579 IMG_2565

And this is me now…The one on the left was taken yesterday, the one on the right was taken the day before… Same me, just different hairstyles… So you tell me…My hair is a good bit longer when it’s straight, but it’s still me…And I’m one rocking, 47 year old grandma…


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Cover for Camp NaNo Book and other stuff

I am so excited….A fellow NaNoer made the cover for my book for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo which starts tonight at midnight (only 1 hour and 15 minutes away for me)… And I love it!!!!!

My cover… I saw this pic while looking through Deviant Art and she got permission from the artist to use it. Isn’t it amazing! How it turned out! The pic itself! I love all of it! It looks like a real book cover. I am just so excited!!!!!  (Makes me feel like a bonafide writer!!! Once again I’ve changed everything at the last minute! SIGH!!!

bonafide writer mug

I can’t seem to help myself. I’m using almost the same premise. I’ve changed the character’s names, and the title of the series but not the title of the book. I’m in the process of changing the whole outline to fit the revamped premise and characters… Double work, maybe, but I was reading Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat and realized what I had wasn’t going to work, not the way I wanted it to. Thus the changes. I’m okay with that. It means working on my outline at the last minute, but I’d have been doing that anyway, at least now it will be the right concept, theme, etc for what I want. I’m happier with it now, even though it means more work. But I found a great outlining video over a year ago from Katytastic that if you’re interested in learning more about outlining using the 3 act structure from Snyder’s Save the Cat, or outlining with Scrivener in general, it’s a great start.

Isn’t that the great thing about WriMo though?… You sort of need just a little pantsing to make it fun… At least for me I do. I’ve gone from a pantser to a plotster so I guess I have to throw some pantsing in there somewhere or it’s not fun for me.

I’m in a cabin now, with people near my age bracket (last time I ended up in a cabin with a group of NaNoer’s around my children’s age, which wasn’t really a good thing for me since they are between the ages of 25-14)…I’m happy about that. And our living room is finally finished… YAY! I no longer have my writing room… BOO!! But my son has his room back. He was injured while at bootcamp. He’ll be able to recycle in the next 6 mths, but he has to heal. While he’s healing he’ll be going back to college and is thinking about going in the reserves (Navy or Air Force) instead of going in the Army full time (Can’t say I’m unhappy about that–I’m all for serving our country, but I believe in working smarter not harder and the Army and Marines are definitely in the work harder category).

The pillows on our couch match my writing space...

The pillows on our couch match my writing space…

Red bookcases and desk go well with our updated look.

Red bookcases and desk go well with our updated look.

So here are the pics of my new writing space… Instead of being in the dining room we decided to completely rearrange our living room so that I could have my own little space. We painted the walls, moved everything around, and put our pictures in completely different places so that I could have this space. My husband ROCKS!!!! (Now I just need to paint the hallway and we’re done with the khaki/taupe color and it’s off to figure out what color to paint our dining room and kitchen. I love how our new living room looks.

Ok, I have less than 1 hour so let me get back to outlining. Happy NaNoing and have a great night.



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Scrambling to Get Things Together

The Writing Prompt for today for the 365 Days of Writing Prompts, which I am just now starting, was titled Writing Room. I am finally getting the rest of my writing room together. My desk is now in place, I am about to put the other computer on my husband’s desk, which won’t be used often because he’s not home much, yet I still have all this MESS from emptying and then moving my desk into my writing room. I won’t take a picture today–frankly, the room is a mess now. On second thought; frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!

So here are the pics of my writing room. It’s a work in progress. My son’s stuff is still in the closet, and I’ve organized it best I can with an injured rotator cuff. I’ll eventually get to the rest of it (especially since I’m seeing the specialist next week) and then the closet will contain my stuff and I’ll be able to shut the doors. Since we first moved into the house I’ve dreamed of having a writing room, of what I’d do with it. I’ve written several posts about it…And I imagined a room with lots of purple or red. I didn’t want to paint the walls red because I’m doing the dining room in red, and using red accents in the kitchen. And my (step) daughter’s room is now purple, Grape Ape purple. So I had to find a color that would go with red (or purple) and Aqua Chiffon was it. It’s bright, cheerful, and one of those colors that is supposed to help with focus.

I really should have taken before pics. But if you check out some of the my other posts you’ll see some of the room before I put the red desk in there…This isn’t exactly what I imagined, but it’s definitely me, and since it’s my writing room it can look however I want it. I’m sure I’ll end up changing it later on, especially once my son gets his stuff. I’m just happy to have my own writing space. My daughter and husband helped me a lot with the room. If it hadn’t been for them I’d never have gotten as much as I have gotten done. (Not with a messed up shoulder.) But at least now my daughter has plenty of room for the pac-n-play in the writing room and she can sleep in the twin bed when she comes to visit, and my (step) daughter has her room decorated and painted. Now we have to do our room.

Since we moved the desk out of our bedroom we went ahead and rearranged our bedroom and now we have so much more space. We can actually walk around in our room and not bump into things. YAY!!! Now we have to figure what color to paint our room since I’ve used all of my fav colors I guess we’ll probably go with a darker shade of blue for our bedroom since that is his favorite color…Midnight Blue… Hmmm… I can work with that.

My red and wood desk, and my husband's desk. with bookcases...

My red and wood desk, and my husband’s desk. with bookcases…

Top of smaller desk still needs to be painted, and we still need to get the bed frame out of storage.

Top of smaller desk still needs to be painted, and we still need to get the bed frame out of storage.

My son's FS TV that he'll be getting once he's out of bootcamp and training/school.

My son’s FS TV that he’ll be getting once he’s out of bootcamp and training/school.

My red bookcase, and the curtain I wrote the lyrics to "our song" on for my husband.

My red bookcase, and the curtain I wrote the lyrics to “our song” on for my husband.

My inspiration/corkboard is now over my husband's desk but at least I won't be so distracted by it now. And i can look to the left and there it is...

My inspiration/corkboard is now over my husband’s desk but at least I won’t be so distracted by it now. And i can look to the  right and there it is…


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Taking a break from writing for family time

This weekend I haven’t written much at all, instead I’ve been busy working on my step daughter’s room with my husband. It’s still a work in progress but it went from this:

471863_371438386214015_1395468223_o 419256_371425589548628_1345161861_n

To this:

IMG_1334 IMG_1335


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Avoiding the “Suck Dragon” while writing

start writing no matter what

I’d thought a great deal about what works for me as a writer while I was planning out my writing room. I wanted a place where my creativity could soar, where I could focus on my writing without being distracted, and that was organized in such a way that everything I needed was right at my fingertips.

I’ve written in diner’s, coffee shops, work, the living room, the dining room, in a cubby in the corner of my bedroom, in a vehicle while traveling, in my very own room meant for writing/studying/etc (for the brief period of time I lived alone and my second bedroom was my study–then my daughter moved back in with me, then she moved out again, and then I moved in with my now husband and I once again had my own space but then my son moved in with us…)…And I’ve even written while in the bathroom, or in line at the grocery store on a notepad, or on napkins at a restaurant. It’s not that I can’t write in my own space. It’s that I feel much more focused and creative when I have my own space, and that space is organized.

When I first began planning what I’d do with the room after my son moved out I thought I’d paint the walls a pretty shade of purple and paint my bookcases white, maybe paint my desk a darker shade of purple, but my (step) daughter’s favorite color is also purple and I didn’t want both bedrooms painted purple, especially since our comforter and drapes are lavender and we plan on painting the walls of our bedroom a silvery grey with a touch of lavender in it–that would have meant all three bedrooms of our home would be a purple hue. Way too much purple for my husband who prefers dark blue, taupe, eggshell, or GOD FORBID white walls.

When I asked him about painting the walls, after we first moved in, he wasn’t that enthusiastic. He dislikes painting. I love painting. I love color. My first step was the next to the smallest room in the house–the main bathroom. I have a shower curtain with ducks on it. I bought it when I left the ex of ten years and got my own place. I wanted something fun. Something playful. I added a few rubber duckies, two pictures with ducks, painted the walls yellow, added yellow rugs, (our floor in the bathroom is red), and Wa La, a fun cheerful bathroom. I even painted the brown cabinets white. He was amazed by how much better it looked, and agreed that we could redo each room, but we’d go one room at a time. Things happened, and we weren’t able to afford to start another room. Then my son moved out 2 weeks ago when he left to go to boot-camp for the Army.

Now that my writing space is almost finished, I need to seal the top of my desk with a clear coat so that it won’t get scratched, paint the top of my husband’s desk dark grey, and move my desk in here and arrange the closet so that my son’s large FS TV will fit in there and be out of the way (and safe from my 18 mth old grandson’s curious little hands), I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to avoid some of the suck dragon’s that have been plaguing my writing.

Having your creativity sucked right out of you, writer’s block, lack of focus, ADD or ADHD aside—well, it leaves you feeling like crap. Like maybe you’re not really a writer, or at least not a good one. Or maybe you don’t really have what it takes. Or maybe you just need to do this, or get this, or maybe what you need is your own writing space… LOL! Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. That little voice in your head says, it’s not where you write that matters…It’s not what you write on…It’s not what you write with…But for some of us, we need that space of our own. I squelched that little voice in my head the moment I set my computer up on my husband’s desk (to use until I could get mine in here) and began writing. I felt the creative juices overflowing. Ideas where running rampant in my head.

I am one of those people who needs inspiration, motivation, focus, calm, organization, and freedom to write. Stuck in the corner of my bedroom in that little cubby my husband had so thoughtfully arranged was great for NaNo, but it wasn’t working long-term, nor was having my writing space in the dining room where there were so many distractions. Now the little voice in my head often says, “Stop hunching over your keyboard and sit back and relax a little. Oh, and take those cups to the sing too!” I’m working on a whole new novel. I put NaNo’s novel away for now. Maybe I’ll go back to it later. I’m on chapter 3 of my new novel and it’s headed in the direction I want, at least so far. I’m working on some of the minor characters, and working on my dialogue (I have to remind myself to show and not tell). It’s all a work in progress though. I don’t expect any of my novels to be best sellers, I’ll just be happy when it’s finished, completely, and in print and publishable. Maybe I’ll self publish and no one but my husband, my family, and friends will ever read it, or maybe I’ll find an agent and a publisher. That doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve found my way and I’m happy just writing.


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What I’ve been doing since NaNo…

Bookshelves, one red and one dark grey. Big FS TV will be moved soon

Bookshelves, one red and one dark grey. Big FS TV will be moved soon

I finally have my writing room…well, I’m almost finished with it. My red desk is drying and the desk I’m currently using needs to be painted (it’s my husband’s and will sit where that gigantic flat screen is), and I still need to hang one small red shelf (will add pics of the red desk and the red shelves once they’re finished), but I’m almost done. Thank Goodness!!

Red bookshelf matches my red desk

Red bookshelf matches my red desk

I chose to accent with red and use the color “aqua chiffon” for the walls. Red for creativity and the aqua for focus. I thought about painting the walls red but I didn’t want to make the room appear smaller or for it to be too dark. I still need to get a few aqua or turquoise colored accent items (for the red bookshelf, etc, so that it all meshes.

As soon as this desk is moved and my red desk is put in its place it will be pretty much finished.

As soon as this desk is moved and my red desk is put in its place it will be pretty much finished.

The top of my husband’s desk will match the dark grey bookcase. As soon as we can move my desk and put up the rest of the small red shelves I’ll post pics but I have to wait until my husband gets home this weekend because I don’t know where he put the drill…Grrrr

Up to no good face

So this is what I’ve been up to. My son joined the Army on December 30th. I’ve been cleaning up the room, painting the walls and furniture, etc since.


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Imagining my Writing Space

My imaginary desk

On December 30th my son leaves for the Army. Off to Missouri for bootcamp. I’m proud of him, to say the least.

proud army mom

I’m also happy about getting my ‘writing room” back. I’ll finally have an actual writing space again. No more being pushed into the corner, no more worrying about how the clicking of my keyboard might be irritating at 3AM, and no more bookcases and other writing things scattered around the house. Everything will be in one room. I’ll have my own personal writing space again. WOO HOO!.

The first thing I want to do before I move my stuff in there is paint the walls. Do I paint the walls a vibrant color for energy, inspiration, and productivity, or do I choose a more calming color to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. From what I’ve researched blue is one of the best colors to paint an office because it’s the most productive color, whereas red, for example, encourages appetite, and green promotes tranquility and health, or lavender calms the nerves and allows relaxation. And my husband would love it if I painted it a dark blue (his favorite color) but I’m more of a Red or dark Purple kind of woman.small book lamp

“Purple in its darkest values (eggplant, for example) is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. It is associated with luxury as well as creativity, and as an accent or secondary color, it gives a scheme depth. Lighter versions of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly.”

purple writer's clockOnce I saw the pictures on the color website I realized I would have to go with what felt right for me and “eggplant” with white and a light shade of purple, with a few blueberry, and red colored accents would be right for me. Vibrant colors with a few light colors thrown in to help bring a well rounded mix of creativity, relaxation, tranquility, and productivity would make it my room.

pruple bookcasesI’d paint my desk and the bookcases in various colors and shades. New handles for the desk (perhaps I might find a few pencil or pen shaped handles). A new lamp (maybe one of those lamps that looks like stacked books). A writer’s clock, a sign for the door, a few trinkets to place on the bookshelves and window sill. And just think, this time next year I’ll have my very own writing room for NaNo.

I imagine a vibrant, cozy, and inspirational room.  One that looks like me, that embodies my personality and is functional. Since our guest bedroom/my daughter/ my step-daughter/my grandson’s room needs to be neutral I have yet to figure out what to do with it in regard to color. My step-daughter’s favorite color is purple. My daughter’s favorite color is red. My grandson is too little to have a favorite color yet. And my husband’s favorite color is dark blue. Yet if it were up to me that room would at least have some purple in it. And, since our bedroom has pale lavender with a grey undertone drapes and comforter I’d have to, of course, paint our walls a pale lavender grey. Thus, at least 2/3 rooms in our house would be some shade or other of purple. The dining room will be a shade of red…Which leaves the living room–no way the husband will allow purple in there. 😦purple writer's room

Back to my writing room…I’ve considered various ways: white walls with purple furniture, lavender walls with white, red, and some shade of blue furniture and accents… I have ideas. And now, while I’m (patiently) waiting for December to get here, I have time to figure things out. I’ll start hunting flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, etc soon to find another bookcase, some shelves (or things to make shelves and/or bookcases out of)… I’ll figure it all out sooner or later. My husband is more conservative than I am when it comes to color, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m just so excited because by the time I’m able to put it all together I’ll have time to find accessories, time to paint the bookshelves I already have, time to find more shelving, time to re-do my desk and find creative handles, etc. The idea of having a purple chair, a chaise lounge… artwork, bookshelves galore…Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

purple chair

purple writer's shedBut if I had the money… OH if I had the money, I’d have something like this purple shed. 😀


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