The Halfway Mark/The Artist’s Way

09 Mar

I just passed the halfway mark of the self-guided course from Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way.” When I first opened the book I thought it was sort of  hinky. In that I-can’t-believe-it’s-a,and I’m-reading,-yet-another-self-help-book way. But after reading the introduction…and definitely by the time I was midway through the first week/chapter, I knew it wasn’t just a self-help book. It’s a guide to openmindedness. It’s door towards finding out how to delve into your deeper ideas of what you really think about creativity, especially your creativity. It’s also an ongoing exercise into being honest and open with yourself about yourself.

I could go on about what it is, but the simple truth is: It has helped me realize that:

  1. I feel guilty when I write, create art, take time away from my other obligations like the house, my husband, my family (children, grandson, parents, in-laws, etc.), my friends because I am writing…
  2. I feel selfish for taking that time for myself to write, create art, etc.
  3. I feel guilty when I don’t write.
  4. I feel more anxious, depressed, and stressed out when I don’t create art, art journal, etc.
  5. I have perfectionism syndrome, which is the root cause of my fear, procrastination, anxiety, stress, and depression, especially in regard to writing, art, etc–Creativity.

There’s more, but I’ll go into the more at a later date.

From now on, I’ll be posting my check-in’s on the blog, as well as on YT. I think it’s important that when I’ve finished the course I do a proper review of the book.


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3 responses to “The Halfway Mark/The Artist’s Way

  1. Hallie

    March 10, 2016 at 10:56 am

    I honestly believe that women in general feel the guilt over just about everything. I have the same problem. I feel guilty when not spending time with loved ones because I am playing art or reading a book. I feel guilty for neglecting an art project because I am working 2 jobs. And so on. Its a never ending battle. I feel guilty right now because its been a month since I have gone on my last “artist date” especially since I put a travel art supply in my car for the purposes of artists dates.

    I never feel guilty though because the house isn’t Better Homes & Gardens perfect. its cleaned up but definitely has the lived in look and I’m ok with that. It’s not my problem if my house isn’t up to a guests particular standards. They don’t HAVE to come over. 😉

    I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that my kid is grown and has a life of his own. The fiancé can manage to keep himself occupied for a couple hours here and there while I play art. The dogs will be fine if I don’t give them 100% of my attention for a while. They’re happy with the fact that they’re in the same room. And me….. I just have to get over myself and lean that my life is changing and I CAN take time for myself.

    Anyways…. hope that helps.


    • Burgess Taylor

      March 11, 2016 at 7:45 pm

      I don’t feel guilty that my house is lived in and not “Better Homes and Garden’s perfect,” as you said (that made me smile, but I do feel guilty because I don’t get to things I know need to be done because I was too busy working on writing, art, creating/editing a video, etc. I feel guilty when I procrastinate with my writing. I feel guilty when… I could go on, but I think you’re absolutely right–it is a never ending battle, and “it’s not my problem if my house isn’t up to a guests particular standards–they don’t HAVE to come over.” And my kids are grown, and able to have lives of their own, but my grandson is not and I really do want to spend time with him, which is why I try my hardest not to say no to spending time with him.
      I also need to get over myself and learn that my life has changed and still changing, and I too CAN take time for myself.
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment.


      • Hallie

        March 12, 2016 at 10:07 am

        Spending time with your grandson….hey that’s a no brainer. Priority #1 right there. 100% agree on that!

        Sounds like its all coming together for you nicely.

        Love it!



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