The Wanderer

03 Dec
The Fool/Wanderer: The Hobbit Tarot Deck

The Fool/Wanderer: The Hobbit Tarot Deck

The Daily Prompt:The Wanderer: Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

I thought of the tarot card immediately and decided to write about this instead…I’m always up for visiting new places, and my dream places are a variety of places: Narnia, Scotland, Gilead, Ireland, Derry, the Shire…

The Wanderer, also known as the Fool or the Initiate, and I’m sure there are several other names for him/her. He/she  symbolizes  you, the soul or person, who embarks upon the journey of life.

In the beginning, we are starting at ground Zero=0.

We are nowhere, nothing…and we have infinite potential.  We trust others, we don’t know any better. We are niave and we feel brimming with the possibilities. We are at the begining of our journey of life and anything is possible.

The Wanderer/Fool is naive enough to beleve he/she can fly, follow his/her dreams, trust others and his/herself, and pursue said dreams to the point of wandering off on the journey of life.

I have been the fool, the wanderer. Still am in some ways. I think the journey of life is a constant thing, a work in progress. A bit like Ka’s Wheel (yes, that’s a Stephen King, Dark Tower/Gunslinger/Roland of Gilead reference).

The Wanderer, if smart, allows his/herself to experience new things, embrace the unknown, not care about what others think but reserves judgement of others at the same time.

I often feel like the Wanderer, like my journey in life is a constant work in progress, and though I’m not starting at Ground Zero I often feel a bit like I’m starting anew, or going back around the game board again…

Traditional Meaning: The Fool is full of optimism, hope and the freedom to explore without any preconceived ideas or notions. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, a new adventure to be approached with excitement and childlike wonder however it is also a reminder that when embarking on a new adventure to look before you leap, take care where you step and watch for the hidden dangers.
Meaning from the book: You have come to a junction or turning point in your life. It may be an unconscious state in which you feel the tide has already turned or sense something is going to happen. In a way it already has. Your spirit must now move on and the desire to leap into the unknown beckons. This may mean leaving behind or giving up some baggage or burden that you have carried with you from the past. Now is the time to be clear and not let fear of falling or sad disillusion with the universe hold you back. Let your imagination carry you into a new set of possibilities. It is a time to travel hopefully and open your arms to new and challenging aspects of the universe.
My Interpretation: I think if you open yourself up to new experiences and new challenges, to the unknown, keeping an open mind, then the truth will reveal itself. There aren’t any certainties in life, but if you move forward with excitement, enthusiasm, and an open heart and mind, yet be cautious of the path you take, of the turns and stops, the journey will at the least be filled with adventure and fun, you’ll learn much along the way, but being open to all that you learn allows you to experience things you wouldn’t have otherwise, and yet being cautious will help you learn from mistakes and maybe help prevent mistakes.
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