Goals, Motivation, and Conflict

28 Oct

I am in the process of uploading a video about GMC in regard to my protagonist, as well as my antagonist, when I started thinking about my own goals, motivation, and conflict. NaNoWriMo is 4 days away…Four! and yet I feel like even after all of the planning I’m no where near ready yet. I still need to clean the rest of my writing room, not to mention the house. What? No, it’s three days! Oh shit! and shinola! *Me pulling my hair out and running around the house like a crazy person thinking about and looking at all I still need to do.*

My friend Maya has a great video about this very thing:

After I finish writing this post I’ll be writing my letter to myself to put in my basket, which is what I’m using instead of a box. 😀 I’ll also be cleaning up a few things tonight and tomorrow around my house, dying my hair tomorrow, and then doing a bit of last minute stuff in Scrivener over the weekend to make sure I have everything together. By Saturday evening I’ll be ready! Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.




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