Outlining, NaNoWriMo Preparations, and Life

01 Oct

I signed up for Arwen Lynch’s 33 Days to Finishing your Novel, best $33 I’ve spent. She uses the hero’s journey and tarot cards to help you get through the outlining process. So far I’m having a blast with it. I’ve changed up the labels on my corkboard in Scrivener to accomodate the changes since I’m now using the Hero’s Journey. I’m also reading Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, and Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Not sure I’ll finish both books this month, but I’m giving it a good try.

The Writer's Life

The Writer’s Life

I’ve also invested in a Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Ink, which came with two Noodler’s fountain pens. After some adjustments (heating method) to one of the pens they are both working beautifully now. I love fountain pens and Tomoe Paper. I love journals. I love handwriting some of my novel–it really helps me get into the zone. And I also love personal journaling. I keep a writer’s journal, a personal journal, and an art journal–thank goodness for my Jonelifish TN’s (Traveler’s Notebooks), which house my Moleskin, SevenSeas, and Fabriano notebooks/inserts. I’m also a big fan of my custom handmade cloth Snoopy is Writing Journal cover and pen case.


I’m taking the fountain pen journey slow, as a friend of mine who is also a writer and a fountain pen lover suggested. The idea of spending a $100 or more on a pen seems ludicras to me but they sure are pretty–I’ll stick with my Platinum Preppy’s and my Noodler’s fountain pens for now.

Now about the outlining… I just can’t say enough positive things about Arwen’s eCourse. I’m a fan of creativity, and have tried outlining with the book The Storyteller’s Tarot by Linda Perfect, and though it’s a good book it’s just didn’t light the spark of creativity the way that Arwen’s course has done. So I’m thinking it’s the combination of the hero’s journey, which we as most know is the basis of how most Disney movie’s are outlined, as well as other movies like Star Wars, Jaws, The Whizard of Oz–you can also find the hero’s journey in mythology. It’s something we’ve grown up. The Hero and all the things he has to go through in order to fight the good fight, win the war, get the girl/guy, save the day, etc.

I’ve been so into this course that while I was outlining the first chapter and the scenes I got into the “outlining zone” and completely forget I was supposed to meet some writer friends in the #writestuff tweet chat Tuesday night at 9PM and didn’t remember until 9:38PM so I missed most of the chat about endings. Me–Miss Loose Outlininer, Miss mostly a Pantser got into the “outlining zone.”

Needless to say, I’m pumped about this upcoming NaNoWriMo, my outlining, and I’ve even started walking 1 mile every day again so I can get in better shape, lose weight, and to keep my creative juices flowing and my muse happy. I think about my book while I walk most days, so it really helps me work things out in my head.

One month to go and it’s NaNoWriMo time!!!

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