A Dream

19 Aug

I have yet to find a writer’s group where I live. And in order to take writing classes I’d have to commute over an hour one way, so I found an online Fiction Writing course and have signed up for it. It begins in October and I’m super excited.  The major theme of this course is Characters and since I’m a character driven writer I’m super excited about it.

I’ve looked into Writer’s Conferences, and maybe once I actually get this book finished we’ll be doing better financially and I can afford to go to a writer’s conference,but right now I’d rather have a new laptop. One day…

disney dream quote

One day I’ll have a FS monitor large enough to actually see and not have to squint…(got it)

One day I’ll get a new laptop…

One day I’ll sign up for an actual writing class…(I’ve done it)

One day I’ll finish my book…

One day I’ll have a writing cottage/cave/shed…

One day I’ll convert to Mac/Apple…

One day I’ll attend a writer’s conference…

One day I’ll start writing that book (I’m doing it)

One day I’ll see my book on a bookshelf in a bookstore, library…

One day I’ll…

never to old to dream

I know that sometimes that One Day wish comes true. People need to have dreams. They need to work towards fulfilling those dreams. Long ago I dreamed that I’d meet someone who loved, accepted, and respected me so much that they supported my creativity and my dreams; found my quirks to be cute rather than annoying; that my family loved and whose family loved me… Well it took me until I was 43 but I found that special someone and next month we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary.

life lesson dream

I also wasn’t sure I’d ever have a grandchild, but my beautiful grandson just turned 2 last month. Looking into my grandson’s beautiful brown eyes, or my husband’s sexy blue eyes, or my own reflection in the mirror tells me that there is hope…That I mustn’t ever give up on hope or my dreams. That dreams do come true. That sometimes I have to make the door open, other times I have to find the key, but there’s always a door to open.

all people dream


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One response to “A Dream

  1. gabrielgibilisco

    August 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Great article. I wrote one similar! Feel free to give me your feedback 🙂



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