Where Do I Write?

17 Aug

I’ve seen several posts on WP and Blogger, and Twitter #writingspace about the writing process, where writer’s write, and what their favorite things are or what inspires them. When I was in college I wrote in between classes, at the coffee shop, at the cafe, outside at a picnic table on campus, in my bedroom on my bed, at my desk…You name it. But that was homework, research papers, etc. Things have changed over the past 15 years.

Once I started taking my writing seriously instead of just thinking of it as a dream deferred, a hobby, or a creative past-time I began dreaming about having a writing shed, or at least a room of my own. And for a short while that happened, but alas I am now back in a main part of the house, which is fine when I’m home alone, but not so great when it’s not just me at home.

My red and wood desk, and my husband's desk. with bookcases...

My red and wood desk, and my husband’s desk. with bookcases…

My red bookcase, and the curtain I wrote the lyrics to "our song" on for my husband.

My red bookcase, and the curtain I wrote the lyrics to “our song” on for my husband.

Above you’ll see a few pictures of the writing room I had for a brief period of time. Once my son finishes college (since the military thing didn’t work out for health reasons) and gets a full-time job I’ll get my writing room back, or by then we’ll be able to afford a wooden shed so I can convert into a writing cottage.  But for now, where I write is in the living room.

The pillows on our couch match my writing space...

The pillows on our couch match my writing space…

Red bookcases and desk go well with our updated look.

Red bookcases and desk go well with our updated look.

This is actually clean considering it's Camp NaNo

This is actually clean considering it’s Camp NaNo

As you can see, I’m not nearly as organized as I should be considering my desk is in the living room. You’ll also see my big “Goofy” cup, I also have a large white cup that my husband bought from Starbucks for me that says “Fresh-brewed inspiration for the day ahead.”  And there is a yellow index card where he wrote “HAVE A GREAT DAY!! And WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!! 🙂 I love you!!!!”  (He is so sweet and wonderful!!!!)

Before I revamped my son’s room into my writing room I was in our bedroom and before that I was in the dining room, and before that I had my own writing room. If I had a laptop worth a grain of salt I’d write outside, in coffee shops, or a cafe. But my laptop is a POS, and I rarely use it anymore. We’re trying to pay off a few things, get a few things fixed around the house, and then we’ll get me a new one, but for now it’s the desk top. I actually prefer a desktop, but it’s great to have a laptop when you need mobility and since I’ve been going with my husband when he does go over the road in the Big Truck it would be nice to have one. For now, I’ve just been using a notebook and pen, and taking a printed copy of my WIP with me (I edit for grammatical errors, etc while I’m out on the road with him. I also jot down ideas for the next chapter, phrases, bits of dialogue, etc. And I read books.

My dream writing space would look something like this:

blue writing shedpurple writer's shed

Only more to my tastes so it would most likely be white with red or black  trim, or red with white trim. Nothing fancy on the outside. Just a plain little 10 x 12 wooden shed. It is what would be on the inside that would count…One whole wall of bookshelves, preferably built into the wall.  I’d also have to have shelves on the wall above my desk, since it’s a rather small space I’d have to have vertical storage. My  red desk is rather large, and it’s old and solid wood, and not going anywhere, especially since I spent all that time painting it and the bookshelves.  I love the purple shed, my other favorite color, but it’s a little fancy, which means more work and more money for the shed, and to be honest I’d rather spend that money on a new laptop or desktop–switch to an iMac and a MacBook (one day both my dreams will come true…I’ll be converted to Mac and I’ll have my own little writing cottage). But for now it is the living room and my red desk and bookshelves.  But having a dream that you’re working towards is always a good thing.

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6 responses to “Where Do I Write?

  1. roelyons

    August 17, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Reblogged this on roehilldotnet.


  2. Olivia Berrier

    August 18, 2014 at 5:05 am

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE your writing cottage idea!!! I totally hope you have it some day 🙂 And I actually like your current writing space a lot, too. The color coordination is really nice.


    • Burgess Taylor

      August 18, 2014 at 12:10 pm

      Thank you. Red and purple are my favorite colors. Luckily my husband is laid back and gracious enough to let me decorate any way I like so long as I don’t use orange or what he calls ugly shades of green. I love how the desk and bookcases contrast with our taupe walls, but I really would prefer not to be in the living room where people can hover over me while I’m writing, but thankfully I’m home alone during the day most of the time, and it’s all about compromise. In three years we’ll most likely have the house completely to ourselves and my son’s room will end up the guest room and my step-daughter’s room could become my writing room, but I think I’d still prefer the writing cottage. 😀


  3. timofeevbooks

    August 19, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Don’t feel too bad. At least you have a desk. Right now I just find a quiet room in the house to write. But I too dream of having my own writing space. I wouldn’t want to do the shed thing because then my family would never see me. Ha ha. But I do think that it’s nice to have you’re own space.


    • Burgess Taylor

      August 19, 2014 at 9:46 pm

      There was a time when I didn’t have a desk, and writing on a laptop in a corner somewhere, anywhere that I could find some peace and quiet. There was a time when I was stuck in the corner at a small desk with an enormous monitor. I’ve also been without a computer (before and after the days of personal computers) and wrote with pen and paper.
      I love my desk. I loved having my own writing room, but know for me the best way for me to write is to have peace and quiet, room to breathe, and no one hovering over my shoulder. When I do get my writing cottage, and I will get it, I’ll write there certain periods of time (say 9-4) so that I still have time to spend with my family. Right now, I write when I’m the only one up or the only one home, which is more often than I’d like sometimes and not as often as I’d like other times.
      Thanks for commenting.



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