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07 Apr

Okay I saw this on Youtube and found it really interesting and thought I’d post a blog since I don’t do the vlog thing.


1. Write Fuel: What do you eat/drink while writing?  I usually drink coffee, Dr. Pepper, or sweet tea. I don’t eat while writing, but I do sometimes snack and my favorite snacks are dark chocolate,  peanut M & M’s, or popcorn. I also like combining popcorn with chocolate.

2. Write Sounds: What do you listen to while writing? I prefer quiet or will sometimes listen to Rainy Moods (right now it’s literally raining where I am though so I’m listening to the sound of rain outside my living room window. If I do feel the need to listen to music I prefer instrumental music.

3. Write Vice: What’s your most debilitating distraction? PEOPLE hovering over me, or talking to me while I’m trying to write,  and the INTERNET and where it can take me: YouTube, WordPress Reader, FB, Wikipedia…the list goes on.

4. Write Horror: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while writing? Power went out, computer crashed… Now I email myself a copy of my WIP a few times a week.

5. Write Joy: What’s the best thing that’s ever happened while writing or how do you celebrate small victories? Completing 50K the first time I did NaNoWriMo. I celebrated with chocolate and purchased Scrivener.

6. Write Crew: Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing? I don’t communicate with anyone while I’m actually writing, it’s too distracting. If there are people around and an idea comes I write it down in my notebook and wait until I’m by myself to write.

7. Write Secret: What’s your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?  I think the biggest writing secret isn’t a secret at all–it’s to write, write, write. And don’t delete anything. Make a file or a folder for what you want to delete so that later you can go back. I love that Scrivener as what’s called Snapshot, and I’ll definitely be using it when it’s time for me to edit my WIP.

8. Write-spiration: What always makes you productive?  Coffee. Quiet. If I find myself feeling drained creatively I read or watch television (usually a movie).

9. Write Peeve: What’s one thing writers do (or you do) that’s annoying? My personal pet peeve is that I get distracted easily. I wish I didn’t have to have peace and quiet to write.

10. Write Words- Share one sentence from a project. Past or present.  Present WIP:  “I’d have understood,” I said. “It might have taken me a few moments to take it all in, but I don’t think I’d have judged her.” The moment the words were out of my mouth I knew I’d misspoken. I’d have been angry that she hadn’t told me the truth a long time ago. Angry that I’d spent years feeling like there was something wrong with me. Maybe Mom had been right. I might have judged her, but she still should have told me. Things might have been different if I’d known why I was different.


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2 responses to “Writer Tag

  1. Hayley Knighten

    April 12, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    I see loads of tags on booktubes but none on anyone’s blogs. If you find any, send them my way. Or maybe we can just yoink them from the vloggers 😉



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