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It’s all a waiting game


Monday night we waited for 13 hrs and 50 mins to get loaded. They messed up the load and had to unload it and reload, and before any of that there was a shift change and someone “misplaced” our paperwork so the 2nd shift didn’t “know” we were waiting to be loaded. (Sounds like somebody(s) isn’t doing their job.)

Mr. Rockstar signed himself out to the sleeper and we slept while waiting and then finally while being loaded but it wasn’t sound sleep especially since they didn’t realize we were still waiting to be loaded until around 1:30 AM when he went and asked them what was going on with his load–we’d been there since 3:30 in the afternoon.

We finally got loaded and left after the remaining hr of his 10 hr break was finished…but we were both tired and coffee was needed. Fitful sleep, interrupted sleep, etc is not good sleep. I am now reading as much information as I can about the laws and other information regarding trucking. Do you know that they don’t get paid for all the miles they drive? I was shocked when I found out that they get paid “how the crow flies” which means they get paid from point A to point B like a straight line. Most of us who have driven anywhere know that it is rarely a straight shot.
I wish the owners, lawmakers, etc could ride with an OTR driver (both company and owner operators) for one week (each) so they could see what it is really like. Maybe UnderCover Boss or something. Maybe I need to create a new blog…though I am writing while out on the road this is just something I feel strongly about.


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