A Story to Tell

15 Jan
The motto for my writing room...

The motto for my writing room…

I found this while out and had to get it for my writing room. That simple phrase, “We all have a story to tell,” is the basis for many a writer. If you’re a writer at heart then that story that is brewing inside you has to come out or you walk around with that feeling that you’ve misplaced something, or haven’t finished something, or need to do something. At least for me it does.

I’ve read a gazillion (well maybe not quite that many) quotes about writing. From various types of writers, as well as numerous genres, and the truth about what works for each writer depends on the writer in question. What works for one might not work for another. For me, writing is freedom. Freedom to express myself. Freedom to vent. Freedom to create. Freedom to tell my story. Freedom to share my story with one person, or many, depending on the story. John Green said that if you’re going to write don’t do it for the money, write like it’s a gift that you’re giving someone. I completely understand that mindset.

My red desk

My red desk

While I was painting my desk red, I imagined myself sitting at that old desk writing. That desk was purchased at a Re-Habitat place. It was previously owned by the Air Force and is solid wood, old, missing a handle (eventually I’ll replace all the handles), and is heavy as hell. I can’t move it by myself so it won’t be put into my writing room until this weekend when my husband gets home from being on the road (yes, he’s a truck driver and soon, like next week soon, I’ll be going on the road with him for the first time–Yay! I’ll take my laptop and my camera. I won’t have much access to the internet except via my smart phone, so my posts will have to wait until I get back, but I do plan on writing a few offline and taking lots of pictures).

Big Red Truck

Big Red Truck

I am so happy to be in my writing room, even without my pretty red desk, I feel all of this creativity and focus surging through me that I didn’t have when I was stuck in the corner of our bedroom. It feels good!!!! I’m going to go back to figuring out a few things for a character I’m working on, but Life is Good and I definitely have a story to tell.


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