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02 Nov

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Busy month for me!!!!!!!




It’s the beginning of Day 2 for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo for me.  YAY me!

ready to write

I’m off and running. Meeting word count goals and writing a post. 😀  So far it’s been great as far as the writing goes. Me, personally, however, is a whole other story. Off to the emergency room yesterday morning. Pain in my arm and shoulder and collarbone so bad it felt like someone was snapping my bones in half. This doctor says it is arthritis in my neck and a pinched nerve. The last doctor says it’s an injured or torn rotator cuff. (I’ll be glad when I can see the specialist, but that won’t be this month. I don’t have time–especially since I’m participating in both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo.

I’m thinking that now would be a great time to win the lottery–a million dollars! What would I do with a million dollars???? Hmmmm… Thinking really hard.

Up to no good face

I would:

Pay off all my bills, including my almost $30K worth of student loans.


I’d buy a house.

2000 Pontiac Firebird

2000 Pontiac Firebird

Fix the damn pop up lights on my car

purple writer's shed

I’d get my writing cave. I LOVE THIS!!!

I’d buy my husband a brand new Dodge Challenger. And we’d need a new truck since ours is Kaput…Gone bye, bye!

I’d get my shoulder fixed, whatever the hell is wrong with it.

I’d buy a new computer, a new laptop, and a tablet. (Maybe go over the to the Mac side)

I’d donate to the Cancer Society and to Hospice.

I’d get lasik surgery on my eyes so I don’t need glasses anymore (I’d still most likely need reading glasses but no more bifocals at least).

I’d take my husband on a real vacation. Take a train somewhere. I’ve never been on train unless the subway in NY counts, and to me that doesn’t count. Take a cruise from there (my husband has never been on either a train ride or a cruise).

Send my husband to school to do what he really wants to do so he doesn’t have to be on the road. I respect the hell out of truckers. My dad was a trucker a long time ago and then went into construction. But being away from your family is hard and though he’s awesome at his job, he can drive the hell out of an 18-wheeler, and he loves driving, he hates being away OTR (over the road, which means away from home anywhere from during the week to weeks at a time, depending on what company you work for, where you go, etc). Though I’ll be going with him some, and of course I’ll be bringing my laptop and camera, I won’t be able to go all the time. I have a young grandson that I NEED to spend time with and watch grow up so I won’t want to be away all the time.

I’d donate to NaNo.


Buy my sweet young grandson all kinds of things.

winning lottery ticket

AHHH the dream… Give me a hammock and a winning lottery ticket 🙂




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