Yesterday was a bust

12 Sep

My daughter needed a babysitter ASAP for my 13 mth old grandson so I spent yesterday with the little man and only got to write while he was napping. Just as I hit that part where the character was really speaking to me the little man woke up. Now usually my day is filled with research, checking FB and email, checking blogs, and reading for a couple of hours. I start my day with coffee and catching up, then I research for an hour, then I write for about 4-5 hours (more coffee), then I check email and FB again, and then it is time to straighten up around the house, do dishes, cook dinner, spend time with the husband, then bed. Yesterday (and today) my schedule went out the window because the little man requires all of my attention.

I can feel where I want this next chapter to go but won’t be able to write much today. My daughter won’t be picking him up until around 3:30 or 4 today, and by then it will be time for me to cook dinner and clean up the mess that the little hurricane I call my grandson has made. So I probably won’t get much writing done today either, which sucks because I was on a roll. Now I’m worried I won’t get the momentum back immediately, thus writer’s block even if it is only temporary. Maybe I’m just psyching myself out over it and it won’t be like that at all.

I’d research how others manage to write with children around but that would take time and I’d rather use the limited time I do have writing right now. Time for another cup of coffee so I can sink my mind into the next chapter.


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