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Still trying to figure out a few things

I’ve created a FB page as an author, though no one likes it except me, of course, and I’m still trying to figure out how to share it when I write a post, as well as how to get the darn widget to actually show up and not be invisible on the damn blog. OH WELL!!! Breathe Burgess. It’ll be alright. You’ll figure it out! 

I’ve wasted over 3 hours doing all of this “branding” crap when I should have spent that time writing the 2000 words that are my goal for today. I’m still trying to work out the kinks. The month of August is a rough one for me anyway since I’m watching my 1 yr old grandson while my daughter works. I love spending the time with him, and it’s a joy watching him learn new things, but he’s busy! and it’s like having a miniature hurricane in residence. I had forgotten how busy they are at that age. Hell, it’s been 21 years since I had a little one around like this.

So now I’m finally off to write my 2K words for today. I’ll post more about outlining, structure, etc. later when I have some free time. It’s been a blast figuring what works for me, maybe sharing that will help someone.


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Interview with Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files

Love Jim Butcher, and his advice is great 😀

Clarion Blog

This month’s guest author is Jim Butcher, author of the bestselling Dresden Files series.  He was kind enough to take some time to answer questions for our readers about his successes, setbacks, and writing processes.

Your latest novel Ghost Story comes out today, and people are a little desperate to find out what’s next for Harry Dresden.  Setting aside all modesty for a moment, what do you feel is the reason for the widespread appeal of the series?

Speaking as a writer, you’ve got to have several different hooks to be able to draw people in.  Dresden, instead of the wizard character written as this mystic shamanic figure, is more a computer support technician of a wizard, kind of the Geek Squad version.  He’s very much written as sort of an Everynerd character, and I think that’s one part of the appeal. Also, I like to write action scenes…

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Writing Goals

I’ve been working on my outline, my 3 act structure outline, and so far it’s going. I’m still a pantser at heart, because I’m already writing chapter 4 and I haven’t even finished the damn outline. LOL! I’ve realized I’m never going to be one of those people who has a full outline done before I start the actual writing process. In the midst of researching the 3-act structure outline and related information I found a very helpful book. The Story Template: Conquering Writer’s Block using the Universal Structure of  a Story. I really like it so far. It’s been quite helpful, plus it has examples from various books and movies that help you visual what the writer is talking about. (Well, for me it’s visual because I imagine the scene from the book or movie…)

I’ve also been suffering from a sinus infection so between doses of severe allergy and sinus medication, drinking a lot of fluids, and watching my 1 year grandson while my daughter works, what writing I’ve been able to accomplish has been for my book so I haven’t really been able to blog the past few days. What kind of $h#t is that? Make a blog and post once and then days go by before you post again…WTH!!! I know, but I’m working on all of this one thing at a time, one day at a time. Right now the 1 yr old grandson and writing my book take priority over the blog, etc. He’ll be in daycare during the week in a couple of weeks so my weekdays will be mine again then. YAY! (I’ll say this, I had a hell of a lot more energy back when my children were young and I was in my early and mid-20’s than I do now at 46). Gotta go, it’s time for his snack 😀 (and mine too!)

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I’m excited about sharing my writing experience. For the first time in a long time I’m following my dream(s). It helps that I have a partner (my husband) who supports and encourages me. So pen and index cards in hand, coffee in the other hand, my computer and Scivener, a cork board (or three) to tack my inspirational stuff to, and a few books about writing, as well as a ton of good (even great) fiction books that I’ve enjoyed over the years, and I’m ready to begin.

Next step, figuring out that I don’t work well as a panster, or an OCD plotter. I’m somewhere in the middle. Since I started using Scrivener I’ve found that I can plot the basic outline and then write from the gut, or the heart, or that secret place…Doesn’t matter what you call it. To me it’s my writer’s eye, or maybe it’s the reader’s eye, since I want my readers to get that same thrill, that smile, that WHOA moment, that I can’t put this book down…the I’ll just read one more page or one more chapter…

So I thought the best way to chronicle the process was to start at the beginning. I’ve participated in a few Camp NaNoWriMo’s, and won one, the last one I made my word count goal but the computer started acting up around the same time I ended up watching my 1 year old grandson full-time while my daughter works, and damn if I didn’t forget what day it was and not put in my words on time. Oh well, there’s always November. 😀

Today I’m working on my character outlines…I’m using the Character template from Scrivener and adding in personal info of my own. Tomorrow I’ll be finishing my basic outline. I’m trying the 3 act structure model for fiction to see if it helps. We’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow’s post will be about using the 3 act structure and whether or not it seems to be working for me.

An added note, I LOVE SCRIVENER!!! Best investment I’ve ever made.

A Beginning

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